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Before It Began – After It’s Over Book Two

The Dramatic Conclusion to the After It’s Over series
The Third Door – A short story that combines the whimsy of The Office with The Twilight Zone

Available Now on Kindle, Paperback and Kindle Unlimited! – After It’s Over

What will you do After It’s Over?

A survival adventure set in a possible future after the pandemic. What happens in the end if mankind’s solutions are worse than any natural catastrophe? Join our hero as he searches for hope and meaning in the aftermath, while dealing with each new day as he and other survivors struggle against the tide of all that was lost. Winner of the 2022 Kindle Vella Madness Tournament. 

A fantasy adventure story. When the evil rulers in power begin to experiment on their subjects in order to find the secret of eternal life, it takes a surprising turn when some of them develop incredible powers. Can our young heroes use their super hero like powers to overcome a force of seemingly unstoppable evil?